I use birth control and don't have a period. Can I use ajennda?
no periods? no problem. ajennda + Cycle Connection offers two guides to connect with your cycle without monthly bleeding. gaining insight into your hormone changes and aligning with your diet, exercise is still beneficial without regular monthly bleeding. In fact, learning your unique cycle without this pivotal marker could be even more helpful.

How do I use ajennda?
ajennda is a day planner with an introductory section teaching you how to track and sync your cycle with your lifestyle. After the introduction you will find all the typical day planner parts plus additional space seamlessly integrated to track your cycle.

What is Cycle Connection?
Cycle Connection is the name of the introductory section in ajennda. It covers off on a refresher course and everything you need to know to begin your journey to sync your cycle. It is included in ajennda or you can purchase the Cycle Connection booklet separately if you already have a favorite day planner or just need a refresher course + cheat sheets.

Who should sync their cycle?
ajennda + Cycle Connection is for anyone looking to learn more about how daily hormone changes affect their lifestyle approaches. 

Why does delivery take so long?
ajennda + Cycle Connection are printed on demand in a queue from Lulu Printing; in an effort to reduce waste and only produce as many paper copies as needed there is an extended waiting period.

When can I start?
ajennda + Cycle Connection are updated each quarter! This means our ajenndas go for Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 starts. We sell January - December, April - March, July - June, October - September versions beginning a month before the next quarter.