cycle connection

Cycle Connection serves as a refresher course on the menstrual cycle. It is designed as the introduction section of our ajennda product and as its own separate booklet. If you already have a day planner or are simply looking for a learning tool on how to sync your cycle, Cycle Connection is the answer.

While many tools to sync your cycle exist, few distinctly summarize the biologic and tracking process like cycle connection. Focusing on just the necessary details Cycle Connection offers a way to find your unique patterns and cycle behaviors. And best of all, it has cheat sheets!

How to Use
Cycle Connection can be a stand alone book/tool that pairs nicely with your own favorite planning tool if you don't want the ajennda. The information contained can be applied using dedicated daily data tracking as explained and diagrammed.

Birth Control/Hormones/No Period
No periods? No problem. Cycle Connection offers two possible ways to connect with your cycle without monthly bleeding.