Company Mission
Our mission is to provide a product and space for professional females to plan, connect and track daily life, fulfilling our brand promise of supporting a woman’s combined professional and personal wellbeing.

Company Vision
Our vision is to be the easily embedded day planner with a truly female focus that remains professional and subtle to fit into the male dominated workplace by focusing on the foundation of our business: rising to the top.

Company Core Values

Be Connected
We want to be connected to ourselves and others.

Enjoy Planning
We find joy in a proactive approach to daily professional and personal life.

Stand for the Feminine
We stand for what we can achieve now and in future generations; no matter the issue.

Operate Effectively
We find the goal/problem/objective, create a plan, attack it.

Self Discipline
We have self-discipline and revel in its rewards.

Company Goals
Our goals center around promoting the ajennda and providing more knowledge about the menstrual cycle. We aspire to seamlessly incorporate these insights into professional lifestyles. Ultimately, our goal is to create a safe co-working space that elevates the impact of female professionals on the world.

Company Ownership
Introducing Jenna, the innovative mind behind ajennda. Driven by a passion for menstrual health and mental health, Jenna created this distinctive tool to seamlessly integrate cycle awareness into lives. Faced with dissatisfaction toward existing options, she meticulously crafted ajennda – a tangible, discreet cycle tracker, and holistic planner. Jenna's motivation? Recognizing the appreciation for paper planners, the importance of data security, and an affinity for aesthetics that effortlessly blend in.